Love Nuts launch new Usibras brand

Usibras launches Love Nuts, its new brand with products from a food line based on nuts, dried fruits and seeds that provide consumers with more than just food, they bring them well-being and happiness.

Healthy consumption is a worldwide movement, according to research by Ginger Strategic, the global market for vegetarian food will grow by 40%* per year. Healthiness, Plant-Based, Vegan, Flexitarian, Nutraceuticals, Practical and Healthy Food will grow 12.3%* per year. Love Nuts comes to the market to take what is essential in natural food: a delivery without texts in the footer.

Currently, Brazil is the 3rd in the ranking of those who most search for a "clean label" on the internet. The launch of Love Nuts shows Usibras' commitment to innovate and increasingly expand the range of healthy food options for consumers.

Product line

Mix da Beleza - Do you also believe that beauty comes from the inside out? Love Nuts Beauty Mix can help you give all the nutrients your body needs to make you even healthier. Feel the best effects of a healthy diet on your skin, nails, hair and self-esteem.

Sleep Mix - Combine healthy practices with this tasty mix and recover the quality of your overnight stays. Want a restful and refreshing night's sleep? Love Nuts Sleep Mix can help you in this mission.

Mix of the Disposition - How about starting the day with that energy? The Love Nuts Disposition Mix will help you get up with the spirits up there. Count on that extra strength that was missing to face your day to day with full energy.

Low Carb Granola - Try it pure or with yogurts, fruits and shakes. Low Carb Granola is rich in fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc.

Pastas are a food full of flavor, health and the best: produced without added sugars and 0% cholesterol.

Chestnut Paste - Crunchy Cashew and Pará nuts offer healthy fats and lots of energy for your activities.

Cashew Nut Paste with Coconut and Cocoa - Harmonizes nuts, grated coconut and cocoa powder, with dietary fiber and many other nutrients.

Nuts with Pistachio - Light and ready to eat, it brings a delicious combination of pistachios and cashew and Pará nuts.

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