Simple in each
step to be each
bigger and bigger in the future.

We are a conglomerate divided into 6 companies. But together in boldness, excellence and high quality.

More than 60 years of achievements, innovations and daring. Protagonists of a story that went beyond even territories: Brazil, USA, Africa, we are present in all of them. Our products are now all over the world. Our group has in its DNA the courage and the will to do more. And this runs through all our segments. Our greatness does not come from our size, but from our commitment. It is the secret that keeps us active and gaining more and more the preference of customers and partners. We focus on results and we go all the way to achieve them. It is this concern that unites us, connects us, that makes our brand strong, whether in the fuel, credit, civil construction or food production sectors. We are the FAN Group. Doing more is our commitment.