Francisco Assis Neto’s Mission

Francisco de Assis Neto is above all a Worker, “as long as I’m alive, I’ll be working”, this is a phrase that the entrepreneur often repeats. One of these unknown authors once said: conformism was never a safe place. Well, this is the maxim that Francisco de Assis Neto chose to follow in life. The eldest son of Otávio and Rita, who was born in the city of Portalegre, soon showed that acceptance and fear of challenges would have no place in his trajectory. It started very small, both in age and in business. At the age of seven, he made his debut in the trade selling buckets of water to the neighborhood. A modest beginning of everything but dreams. At the age of ten, he arrived in Mossoró to study, but you know the entrepreneurial spirit. It never goes out, it never dies. It’s always there, on the lookout for an opportunity that presented itself when he was 16. His father, noticing his son’s acumen, bought a gas station and made him a managing partner. However, Francisco de Assis Neto is a nonconformist. And nonconformists always go further. Therefore, it started selling other goods, such as tallow, beans, chestnuts and cotton. That’s how he managed to buy his first truck. The seed was then planted for his most promising business: the commercialization of cashew nuts. At that time, he was also given the most tender and precious gift anyone can have: children. Rita, Otávio, Patricio, Guilherme, Cinthya and Raquel. In addition to his family, he saw the business grow and form the FAN Group, a conglomerate of six companies operating in the fuel, credit, civil construction and food production segments. All this restlessness that started small has made a huge difference in people’s lives. Today Francisco de Assis Neto’s nonconformity contributes to more than 2000 direct jobs in his companies which, together, record great milestones. This, without a doubt, is the message that Francisco de Assis Neto has for us: embrace restlessness. Remain a nonconformist. This is how we contribute to the generation of wealth and opportunities for people. That’s how more is done.

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